Saturday, 22 December 2012

Not lost just temporarily unavailable

 I hate it when I can't find things I know are in the house!! Last week I was meant to work on my Joan Elliot welcome sampler however I was unable to locate exactly whereabouts I had put it, I know it's around somewhere but I'm stumped if I know where, so not wanting to get out of rotation routine I chose to swap week 4 with week 3, week 4 is for me to stitch cover kits/cards or whatever I desire and last week I finished off the little owl for my god daughter and also completed the robin cover kit from Cross Stitcher issue 258, it's the newest issue to arrive in Oz (we're normally about 2 issues behind). DH is very happy with the Robin and wants me to make another one, I've agreed but told him it wont be for Christmas this year though.

If I don't update before Christmas, stay safe and have a good one. Ours is meant to be a scorcher :(

Take care


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