Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tusal 2013

I will be taking part in this for 2013, I'm hoping with my weekly rotation I'll have a few threads to show on a monthly basis and so I don't forget I have updated my phone calendar with the new moon dates.

Hope you had a good Christmas. I definitely got very spoilt especially by the in-laws, it was a little overwhelming as Christmas is not a big thing in our family but for DH it is. I've been told I need to get used to it, guess it means he wants me around for a while to come :)

Take care


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Not lost just temporarily unavailable

 I hate it when I can't find things I know are in the house!! Last week I was meant to work on my Joan Elliot welcome sampler however I was unable to locate exactly whereabouts I had put it, I know it's around somewhere but I'm stumped if I know where, so not wanting to get out of rotation routine I chose to swap week 4 with week 3, week 4 is for me to stitch cover kits/cards or whatever I desire and last week I finished off the little owl for my god daughter and also completed the robin cover kit from Cross Stitcher issue 258, it's the newest issue to arrive in Oz (we're normally about 2 issues behind). DH is very happy with the Robin and wants me to make another one, I've agreed but told him it wont be for Christmas this year though.

If I don't update before Christmas, stay safe and have a good one. Ours is meant to be a scorcher :(

Take care


first follower

Big wave to Jo who's my first follower. Thanks for the suggestions re gaining more followers, I will definitely be taking a look x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Rotation change

Today is the day I change my rotation piece, so I will pack away my Melbourne tram design and start working on a Joan Elliot welcome piece I started in about 2008.

Here's how my tram looked after the last few days of stitching

Take care

Tilly x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Glad you like it

Afternoon all from a warm and sunny Sydney :) not to brag but the weather has been spectacular the last days, makes a nice change from last year.

I got a text from my mum this morning saying Santa had been to visit her, albeit 2 weeks early, she said she is very happy with her gift (a white bedspread) which she has put away till Christmas eve when it will make it's debut for everyone to see on Christmas day, I won't see it till boxing day as Christmas day this year will be spent with DH's family. There will be 8 in total and it will be interesting to see how they do Christmas and if it's as noisy as our family gatherings normally are (I'm one of 7 children, so sometime you need to shout to be heard).

I have been good and working on my Melbourne tram rotation piece, it's slow going as it's not something I would pick for myself, but it was a gift from DH and I felt bad whenever he would ask how it was coming along, so I feel a little better now I can show him that it's a WIP and no longer a UFO, I've also finished a Christmas themed coaster for me to go on the table when DH and I have our dinner on Christmas eve.

I have 5 days left of work and then I will be on holidays for 2 weeks during which time I will be renovating and stitching, stay tuned for photos and updates.

Take care

Tilly x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sad news

My Nan passed away on Monday, less than 24 hours after my mum phoned me with the news that she'd had a stroke. I have spent the last week with my mum, getting under her feet and just being there for her in general, all the family will be having a get together at mums on Sunday and then my Nan's funeral will be on Wednesday morning (U.K time).

Whilst I was at my mums there was alot of sitting around doing nothing, so I chose to stitch, here is where I am at with my rotation for week 1, I'll be changing over tomorrow for week twos rotation it's a picture of a Melbourne tram DH bought me for me birthday 2 years ago.

Take care

Tilly x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Not good news

Not sure if I will be doing much sewing this week, I got a phone call a few hours ago from my mum letting me know my nan was in hospital as she has had a stroke, the next 24 hours will tell how bad it is but the doctors have said they don't have much hope she will make it, DH and I are trying to remain positive

Take care


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day 1 rotation

Here's where I'm at after day one of my rotation.

Take care


Hot, hot, hot

It got to 35.8 degrees here today or 96.4 Fahrenheit, I can't stand the heat and spent as much of today relaxing in the air conditioner of our local club. DH ran his first Bloodbowl tournament which was a success (I may be slightly biased) and even though he did not play he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I have been considering starting a rotation to complete some of my UFO's/WIP's, this will be a four week rotation as follows, Week 1. Owl for my god daughter. Week 2. Melbourne tram (a gift from DH for my birthday 2 years ago). Week 3. Joan Elliot welcome sampler. Week 4 will be for cover kits from the magazines I buy and card making as I like to make cards throughout the year for birthdays and Christmas etc