Wednesday, 28 November 2012


So Annoying, I woke this morning and was convinced it was Saturday!! That was till DH came into the bedroom to kiss me goodbye as he was off to work, reality set in, and I realised it was only Thursday, which is not too bad as Thursday is my day off but I definitely do not want to go back to work tomorrow, normally I enjoy my job but it's been hell lately, we've had approximately 15 staff leave who haven't been replaced and the rest of us remaining are expected to do our own work and that of the ex employees, I have leave booked over the Christmas/New Year period and I am definitely looking forward to having a break.
I will probably spend most of it at the house we are renovating as I would like to get all the painting done if possible, I promise to take some photos next time we're there of the progress being made in the meantime here's a few crafty things I've made recently, all items are cross stitched, this is my summer craft (in the winter I crochet).
 Off now to tackle some house work

Take care

Tilly x

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