Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hot, hot, hot

It got to 35.8 degrees here today or 96.4 Fahrenheit, I can't stand the heat and spent as much of today relaxing in the air conditioner of our local club. DH ran his first Bloodbowl tournament which was a success (I may be slightly biased) and even though he did not play he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I have been considering starting a rotation to complete some of my UFO's/WIP's, this will be a four week rotation as follows, Week 1. Owl for my god daughter. Week 2. Melbourne tram (a gift from DH for my birthday 2 years ago). Week 3. Joan Elliot welcome sampler. Week 4 will be for cover kits from the magazines I buy and card making as I like to make cards throughout the year for birthdays and Christmas etc

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