Sunday, 4 November 2012

The new/old fridge

Just over 12 months ago our main house fridge stopped working, every time we switched it on it would trip the power, I called around to family and friends to see if anyone had a spare fridge they could lend us, my younger sister said I could use the small fridge in her garage but I needed to organise transport, which we did (big thanks to my brother in law for giving up his beer fridge). In the meantime DH called Westinghouse who came out, serviced the fridge and said they could fix it all for $165.00. I was so relieved until DH got it into his head that it would be a good time to pull the entire fixed fridge apart and clean it, he removed the shelves and doors, cleaned them, and then just left them in the hallway, one month turned into two, two into three (you get where this is going yeah?) until today, I knew something was different, DH had woken up in one of his moods, today's mood started with him sorting through his clothes and donating what he no longer wears to the charity shops, he then moved on to sorting out his miniture collection (DH is somewhat of a gaming geek, he plays Bloodbowl, Warhammer, Malifaux etc) into what he wants to keep and what he wants to sell and then he picked up a fridge door...I held my breath was this really it, could I be getting my fridge back? DH looked at me and I smiled tentatively "Baby, can you pass me a screwdriver please?" I couldn't move fast enough, I handed him that screwdriver and watched as he attached both doors and set about moving the old fridge out and the new/old fridge back into the kitchen. To say I'm happy would be an understatement, I'm ecstatic, I know have my big fridge back!!

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